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Stereophonic streaming

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Teufel Stereo M [Highlight XL]

Why we love this product

A pair of stereos with an authentic 3-way system, the Stereo M transforms audio streams into live concerts. The fine-resolution sound and rich bass foundation let you experience audio streaming as never before.

Teufel Stereo M [Highlight XL]

Key advantages at a glance

  • A bookshelf speaker pair with integrated amplification for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming, powerful enough to fill even larger rooms with sound
  • Employs a 3-way stereo system with a high-end coaxial driver and wok woofer for an exceptional fine-resolution sound
  • With Raumfeld technology for Wi-Fi streaming from services like Spotify, internet radio and music stored on a local network, easily controlled via the Teufel Raumfeld app
  • With Bluetooth for direct audio streaming from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and many other services
  • On-device controls for Play/Pause, Skip and volume control plus preset buttons for instant access to radio stations and playlists
  • Sleep timer, energy-saving function and additional line-in for connecting to CD- or record-players
  • Made from high-quality materials including fine lacquer and brushed aluminium trim
  • Available in black or white
(4.76 of 5 out of 54)
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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Teufel Streaming Stereo M

  • Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App
  • Teufel Streaming
  • Teufel Streaming Spotify Music  Streamingdienst
  • Raumfeld

    You can listen to music in true CD quality without interruption from calls or messages via the Teufel Raumfeld app. You can stream music from your CD- or record player and listen to it throughout the whole house with another speaker. You can even play music from a smartphone, USB stick or hard drive via the app.

    Try the Teufel Raumfeld app

  • Bluetooth

    Use Bluetooth to stream any audio, such as YouTube videos, Apple Music or Amazon Music, from your smartphone or tablet directly to your speakers. Our speakers ensure a particularly stable Bluetooth transmission with a long range of up to 15m.

  • Spotify

    You can stream Spotify via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and also use Spotify Connect independently to benefit from the features of the Spotify app. You can quickly change the audio output from your smartphone to the speakers without pausing.

Control is everything

No more hassle. The Teufel Stereo M gives you more than enough options to leave your phone in your pocket and keep your focus on what matters, the music.

Teufel Stereo M Bedienung

High-end shelf speakers

The Stereo M offers the power of full-size floor-standing speakers for small and medium-sized rooms, with its 3-way construction, coaxial driver and powerful amplifier.

After 2.5 years of research, Teufel has developed an extraordinary driver in the form of the coaxial flat diaphragm chassis. Thanks to SCA (Synchronised Coaxial Acoustics) technology, this works almost like a pointed sound source, which guarantees very little difference in transmission time between mid-range driver and tweeter.

The tweeter and mid-range drivers are fused into one component. Almost all transmitted frequencies reach the listener's ear at the same time, resulting in a particularly natural sound reproduction.

As a result, different sounds (e. g. voices) are perceived, as in reality, as spatial sources and can therefore be precisely located. Overall, the 3D reproduction appears more realistic than it would with a separate tweeter.

The SCA coaxial chassis is also used in the Definition 3 and has already won several awards.

Mid-range driver
This is arranged around the tweeter and offers a high level of impulse fidelity, and therefore precise sound reproduction, with its light and stiff diaphragm.
Extra-large tweeter for silky high-tones and low distortion, even at high volumes. Wide beam angle for best sound quality even when not sitting directly in front of the speaker.
PDS - Teufel Stereo M - Explosion
Moving coil
Highly resilient, for high distortion-free levels.
Made from carbon woks, so is also very light and low distortion for a high impulse response and deep, precise bass.

Everything goes

The Teufel Streaming speakers are fully compatible with other systems and services. Thanks to the extensive connection options, they can be transformed into a docking station.

Teufel Stereo M
  • Line In
    Connect to CD players or other devices and stream in other rooms with another speaker via the app.
  • LAN
    If you are using more than three devices in the multi-room setting, you should name one device as a host and operate it via LAN cable.
  • Reset
    The reset button restores your system to factory defaults.
  • USB
    Here you can connect a USB stick or hard drive and play the music stored on it via the app.
  • Setup
    You can set up the whole system with one button and your app
  • Bluetooth
    Click to connect the speaker to your smartphone or tablet.

Music sources

Smooth design with heavy sound

Teufel multiroom loudspeakers offer a range of music streaming services, Internet radios, and podcast, like no other!  Discover all the different music sources that our three streaming technologies have to offer.

Multiroom with Raumfeld

All Teufel Streaming systems can be connected to one another thanks to integrated Raumfeld technology. Listen to the same or different music across several rooms and speakers. Use the Teufel Raumfeld app to manage your rooms, group individual multi-room speakers together, create individual playlists and control the volume and sound using the equaliser.

Streaming Multiroom Schwarz
Streaming Multiroom

Check out our video

Teufel Stereo M null 4
Teufel Stereo M - black - Lifestyle 5
Teufel Stereo M Weiss null 3

    Included components

    • 1× 5,0 m special-connectioncable for STEREO M / L
    • 1× power cord for Teufel STEREO M / L
    Teufel Stereo M - Outline [SVG]


    • Teufel Stereo M Schwarz

      Teufel STEREO M

      • Description Item
        Complete sound system Yes

    Expert reviews

    Product Ratings
    (4.76 of 5 out of 54)
    Great sound - beautifully voluminous. With the app, you can also set it to be a bit more neighbour-friendly, 1a connection - whether wifi or Bluetooth, connection was set up super fast and works flawlessly. It's not our first Teufel device, so it's reliable as usual. We were only surprised by the massive size :-D I'd like to see the shelf where the "shelf speakers" fit in.
    Satisfied all round
    The order and delivery went well and orderly. The speakers are very good and very well made. Sound and delivery perfect.
    (automatically translated *)
    It was a good buy 👌
    I am not a specialist in this field and have no experience with other speakers of this type. But these, for me, sound excellent. Overall impression very pleasant, velvety bass, great vocals. A little complicated to connect to wifi, but since I managed it, anyone can do it. I've been listening to them for about a month now.Recommended.
    Stylish sound miracle
    Visually, these speakers are a real eye-catcher, just like all Teufel speakers. In terms of sound, they fill the room wonderfully - and also have a nice bass. If you turn up the volume on the Stereo M, you can feel the air vibrating - I've never experienced this so clearly with any other speaker - impressive. The Stereo M also cut a good figure on the desk, as the tweeter is ideally positioned at ear height. I deducted one star because I personally don't have a remote control (via app is not my thing) and because you can't adjust the bass (EQ) even more - with some music titles, I missed the powerful bass when "not listening loud".
    Seat sound
    I use the speakers for my computer, primarily for music, but also for gaming. TOP sound, I am thrilled!
    (automatically translated *)
    Good sound but position important
    Wanted to upgrade my wireless Play milk cartons to enjoy music again. This set is pretty good at that, although it does depend a bit on the type of music and especially volume. For some background music while working at home, the difference with the Play1 is too small, but as soon as the volume goes up a bit, it's very nice. Well balanced and quite a bit of bass volume. What I do regret, and find strange, is that when you choose the white speakers you also get a white cable between the speakers, I now have such a white cable over the dark floor, would have preferred a black cable there. Also the power cord (also white) is very short if you also use the M Stands, you have to have a wall socket within 1 meter. So I added a longer cord myself.
    Very satisfied with the purchase. Nice bass and good mid and high tones. Easy to use app.
    (automatically translated *)
    Top speakers
    First time I bought wifi speakers. What an ease of use! and super nice sound whether it's loud or soft and whether you're playing classical or techno. We have the speakers in white, are very nice and have a nice contrast.speakers and the app work so well that I immediately bought a smaller teufel box for another room.
    I am very satisfied with my new Stereo M speakers, the price is absolutely fair, everything works perfectly, the ordering process, packaging etc. Everything is fine, the Teufels have really thought about how and what you have to sell today...
    Jürgen 12.2020
    I am very satisfied with the speakers. Everything is very easy to control and adjust with the mobile phone. And a great sound. Would buy them again and again
    (automatically translated *)
    * Automatically translated by DeepL