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3 Products

BenQ Full-HD projectors for your Teufel home cinema

Projectors, also known as digital projectors, overhead projectors, video projectors, image projectors or data video projectors, are probably familiar to you from conferences and meetings or the last time you showed your friends their holiday photos and videos. They are projectors that transmit moving or still images from source devices such as a TV, computer, VCR, DVD player, console or Blu-ray player in an enlarged form to a projectable surface such as a white wall (not recommended) or a suitable screen. The spectrum ranges from small-format mobile projectors to high-resolution Full HD projectors. As a supplement to almost all multimedia systems, modern projectors capable of high contrast and cinematic color have long been on the advance in the home cinemas of our fans..

Rightly so, in our opinion, because high-quality devices with a proper lens manage to reproduce brilliant images on large surfaces so precisely that watching films becomes an immersive experience, a home cinema experience. Of course, we provide the corresponding

How to find the right projector for your home cinema system

High quality is important to us, which is why we recommend partners like BenQ for technically excellent interaction of all components. To make it easier for you to choose, we have already put together some custom-fit bundles with BenQ projectors and Teufel sound systems at the best price-performance ratio for you.

Tips for buying a projector

  • Ein A good home cinema projector needs to have a certain enclosure size to ensure quiet cooling.
  • The lens must fit: At the installation site of the projector, the image must be aligned exactly with the screen using the focal length of the lens (use the operating instructions or the data sheet of the projector to calculate the values).
  • Do not push the parameters to the limit. Because every component is subject to tolerances.
  • You should also not overuse the steering shift adjustment.
  • Absolutely taboo: angling! The projector must hang or stand absolutely horizontally and therefore be able to be mounted at the correct height in relation to the screen.
  • Every projector needs power and therefore decent cabling. Therefore, it makes sense to lay a cable duct to the projector or to have a socket installed nearby.

BenQ W5700 & SYSTEM 6

The W5700 BenQ projector and the SYSTEM 6 THX AVR system harmonize perfectly! That's why we're presenting the Full HD projector and our System 6 together with the Denon AV receiver AVC-X3700H as a home cinema bundle..

The W5700 projector from BenQ is a 4K UHD CinePrime home cinema projector that offers just about everything you could want from a projector. The DLP projector is regularly praised in relevant product reviews and we are also thrilled! Equipped with features such as the double lens shift function for convenient adjustment of the projector optics on the optical axis and other practical features such as Cinematic Color.

If you compare a projector like the W5700 from BenQ with a Full HD TV, you will quickly realize that such a projector can have some advantages over other HD TVs. For example, you can store the device in a space-saving way and set it up according to use. Most TVs cannot compete with the maximum possible screen width of 431 cm. However, razor-sharp UHD images require sufficient ANSI lumens - otherwise dark scenes cannot be displayed without loss. Here, this beamer from BenQ has 1800 ANSI lumens at its disposal. Of course, the W5700 also has sufficient connections such as HDMI and S/PDIF Out for the transmission of optical digital signals.

This is an advantage, for example, if you want to connect the BenQ projector to your AV Receiver .

No information is lost through the optical signal, the signal is transmitted without loss and then ends up in the digital conversion (DAC) of the receiver. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that you feed an HDMI signal to the BenQ device. This signal contains information for both video and audio. If you are looking for a projector with LED Full-HD that meets all modern requirements, you should go for the W5700 from BenQ.

BenQ W2700 projector + ULTIMA 40 Surround "5.1-Set"

The BenQ W2700 projector is well suited for beginners. The device shows its advantages skillfully in small rooms: Equipped with short-distance optics, it projects large images even from a short distance, making it easy to integrate. Like its big brother, the W5700 from BenQ, the W2700 projector also features CinePrime technology. The lens shift function is also available, as well as a high resolution in ULTRA HD for razor-sharp images. Thus, the BenQ projector already contains many functions that you usually find in higher-priced models.

Of course, it makes sense to route the sound to an external device. This is where our ULTIMA 40 home cinema system in a surround 5.1 set comes into play: consisting of two ULTIMA 40 standing loudspeaker , centre, rear loudspeaker and two rear speakers, this bundle is designed for maximum home cinema enjoyment. All components have been put together by us and tested for the highest quality and compatibility. This is how you get a real cinema feeling in your living room.

BenQ TH685 + CINEBAR 11 "2.1-Set"

Last but not least, we have integrated the TH685 projector from BenQ into a great bundle. Together with the CINEBAR 11 "2.1 Set", this offer is especially aimed at gamers. The slim soundbar is a great choice for both gaming and music playback.

The accompanying, space-saving T 6 subwoofer is particularly suitable for users who want to place their subwoofer as inconspicuously as possible. For example, the T 6 subwoofer can be positioned under the couch. The TH685 has an ultra-fast refresh rate of only 8.3 ms. This means that there are never any annoying delays in the transmission of the picture signal.

The outstanding 1080p Full HD resolution with HDR support enables detailed, balanced images. The high brightness is ensured by 3,500 ANSI lumens - so films and games can be enjoyed grandly even in daylight.

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