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Concept E 400 Digital

The powerfully performing complete solution for home cinema and multimedia in your sitting room

Color: Black

CONSONO 35 CONCEPT Surround Power Edition 5.1 set

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Concept E 400 Digital - NoCover

Why we love this product

Die sofort spielbereite, leicht zu bedienende 5.1-Komplettanlage mit XXL-Subwoofer sorgt für maximales Bassvergnügen

Key advantages at a glance

  • Complete 5.1 home cinema and multimedia system
  • Preamp with Dolby/dts decoder and 8 audio inputs
  • 500 watt subwoofer with a 300 mm bass driver
  • 5 two-way satellite speakers on table stands
  • Cable set included
  • Recommended for spaces up to 30 sqm.

The Concept E 400 Digital is nothing less than the mightiest multimedia complete set we know of: and that with all the typical benefits of the „All in One“ package. Everything’s there, everything fits: speakers, amplifier, controller, decoder, cables…because everything comes together at Teufel.

Fit for everything
This set gives you a fantastic sound from many different sources. Whether Playstation, Xbox, Wii, TV, Computer, MP3 player, DJ Mixer, CD Player, DVD player, Satellite receiver, it doesn’t matter – you can connect to all of it. And it’ll all sound good…

External connector for all devices
The Decoderstation 5 with its four digital inputs, three stereo analogue inputs plus a 5.1 input for the soundcard works as a central connector of the set. Use it directly on the device (there’s a 32 character display!) or via the remote control.

Dolby Digital/dts-technology
The integrated decoder allows an original 5.1 playback and values thanks to the Dolby Prologic stereo signals. You’ll enjoy an amazing surround sound that the five satellites and subwoofer ensure is a harmonious whole.

Exceptional sound
The five compact satellites and imposing subwoofer in the Concept E 400 are singularly responsible for the fantastic sound of this set. The satellites are delivered with table feet, so you’re able to stand them alone in the room or place them on the walls as you wish.

500 Watt maximal performance
The subwoofer-integrated 5.1 amplifier distributes this gigantic performance over two different fields at the same time. The first field is that 300 mm woofer in the slim bass reflex housing which delivers a full bodied, hefty bass up to 32 Hz. The second field are the fantastic five two-way satellites that, from only a 9 x 12,5 cm large housing with 80 mm midrange drivers and a 19 mm tweeter, produce extremely accurate, multifaceted and dynamic sound. For rooms of up to 30 m² the satellites and woofer handle the room admirably…with the addition of the included cable set AC 3015 WS you’re guaranteed powerful and strong performance through the room.

Crowning Glory
The Concept E 400 Digital takes the top position for the Teufel multimedia complete solution for all walks of life. For the home cinema, overkill at the office or as a universal multimedia station – you’ll have the set to impress both yourself and others with – the one that’ll give you real fun to play.

Stereo cinch cable for connecting devices such as amplifier/AV receivers to a CD or record player etc.

A Teufel cable with a 1.0 mm² cross sectional area is recommend for multimedia systems and less expensive home cinema systems where only short distances need to be covered.

CCA Wires

The wires within this cable are made from copper-clad aluminium. CCA cables have the same electric conductivity as full copper wires but weigh less, making them easier to work with.

More wire strands per cable

The loudspeaker cable contains an especially high number of strands for extra flexibility and conductivity.

Robust jacket

The extremely robust yet flexible outer jacket protects the high-quality cable inside. The positive pole is indicated.


The loudspeaker cables can be connected directly to the amplifier/loudspeaker or by means of a banana plug.


One loudspeaker cable plus cable ties with Velcro is delivered in separate packaging.

Decoderstation 5

This clever high-tech tool transforms an active 5.1 speaker ensemble into a complete multimedia centre. Thanks to the Decoderstation 5, a purely PC-based set is converted to a universal system to use anywhere.

Connect 8 devices
Up to eight external devices can be used with the Decoderstation 5 via a Teufel multichannel speaker set – without shifting the plugs around – simply by pressing a button on the decoder itself or using the infrared remote control.

Full surround quality

The integrated Dolby/dts decoders of the Decoderstation 5 enable an original 5.1 playback in full surround quality. A 32-character display keeps you informed about current function status; the supplied remote control permits you to conveniently control all functions from your listening location.

When we set out to build the Concept E 400, we set ourselves an ambitious goal. We decided to create the world's most impressive loudspeaker set for high-performance PC multimedia sound. The resulting system fulfills its promise and rounds out the upper-end of Teufel Concept E portfolio.

A 500 watt subwoofer
There's no way to look past the imposing CE 400 SW situated right at the center of this sound system. Its 500 watt amplifier supplies more than enough power to fill spaces up to 30 sqm with loud, clear sound.

300 mm bass driver
It's surprising, but the compact Concept E 400 puts a 300 mm bass driver at your disposal. Generally speaking, bass drivers of this size are reserved for home cinema systems costing 1,000 euros or more. Only Teufel delivers this level of material quality... for a third of the usual price!

The bass
From film effects, to gaming surprises and musical impulses... expect a level of bass capable of covering the entire spectrum. It drops below 32 Hz to ensure that you won't just hear the base, but that you'll also feel it!

The satellites
Five high-performance satellites constructed using two-way technology deliver a highly nuanced performance. An arched front piece ensures optimal directional characteristics, while a removable "floating" grille minimises corner reflections.

Consistently good
All five Concept E 400 satellite speakers are shielded and identically configured to ensure there are no distortions amongst channels. They are perfectly suited for placement on tables or shelves, wall-mounting or placement on speaker stands.

PC sound and beyond
Teufel's Concept E 400 is specifically designed to be connected with a PC. But it also delivers quality sound from other devices including DVD players, MP3 players, iPod docks, Sat receivers, gaming consoles and additional sources. Stereo sources sound great distributed over this 5.1 system thanks to built-in upmix technology!

Simply better
Concept E 400 guarantees peak-quality multimedia sound right at your PC.

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Lautsprecherkabel C1030S - Rolle

30m Speaker Cable 1.0mm² - C1030S

  • Description Item
    Cross-section 1 mm²
    Cable length 30 m
Concept E 400 - CE 400 SW vorne

5.1 Subwoofer CE 400 SW

The high performance of the Concept E 400 SW may redefine the field of multimedia subwoofers. Because there's no more to more.

The 5.1 amplifier distributes the 500 watts maximum performance to six channels. And 225 watts of those are allocated just for the bass in the 63 litre reflex casing. This makes sense, because an imposing 300 mm chassis lays waiting for an ample power supply to allow it to mercilessly play out its advantages: 32 Hz lower limit frequency, 500 watts maximum level – while remaining clean, precise and free from noise.

Three illuminated regulators on the front enable direct control of the total volume, bass proportion and the On/Standby operating mode. The power consumption in the standby mode here remains less than 1 watts.

The Concept E 400 SW is only available as part of a Concept E 400 set.

  • Description Item
    Width 25 cm
    Height 59,3 cm
    Depth 57,8 cm
    Weight 22,5 kg
  • Description Item
    Power supply voltage 220 - 240 V
    Maximum power consumption 650 W
    Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
    Safety class 2
    Fuse T4AL250V
    Standby-Function Yes
    Standby-Power consumption 1,9 W
    Bass boost/EQ Bass conrol
    Level control Yes
    Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 150 W
    Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 55 W
    Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 225 W
    Amplifier configuration 5.1
    Amplifier technology Class AB, IC type
    Amplifier channels 6
    Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 35 W
  • Description Item
    Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 32 Hz
    Maximum cable diameter 3 mm
    Equalization port (position) Front
    Equalization port 1
    Cabinet material MDF
    Cabinet surface High gloss (front), foil (corpus)
    Magnetic shielding Yes
    Net internal volume 63 L
    Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
    Woofer (diameter) 300 mm
    Woofer (material) cellulose
    Enclosure type Bass reflex
  • Description Item
    Terminal clamps Push terminals
    RCA input 5.1 1
CE 20 FCR vorne mit Abdeckung

Satellite Speaker CE 20 FCR

The compact CE 20 FCR satellite represents the current highpoint in the development of powerful multimedia speakers at Teufel.

Despite being small in size, the micro speaker plays back all medium and high frequencies comprehensively, clearly and powerfully. The 9 x 12.5 cm casing behind a removable, floating mounted grid has a full-grown two-way system with 80 mm mid-tone speaker and 19 mm tweeter; an extremely finely tuned frequency switch ensures the harmonic interplay of these components. The curved front provides better sound radiation than conventional constructions.

An exceptionally linear frequency response is achieved in conjunction with the active filtering of the subwoofer’s multi-channel amplifier, marking new standards in the field of multimedia speakers.

The CE 20 FCR includes a matching table stand, but it can also be attached to the wall and swivelled horizontally/vertically using the optional Shortlock wall bracket. Attaching the speaker to the separately available M 50 P stand allows it to be placed freely in the room.

  • Description Item
    Width 9 cm
    Height 12,5 cm
    Depth 9,8 cm
    Weight 0,53 kg
  • Description Item
    Terminal clamps Push terminals
  • Description Item
    Suitable for AV receiver Yes
    Maximum cable diameter 2 mm
    Diameter of the stand screw threads 6 mm
    Removable front cover Yes
    Cabinet material ABS plastic
    Cabinet surface Lacquer, high gloss
    Net internal volume 0,7 L
    Integrated stand Yes
    Wall mounting brackets Yes
    Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
    Tweeter (diameter) 19 mm
    Tweeter (material) Fabric
    Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
    Midrange driver (diameter) 80 mm
    Midrange driver (material) cellulose
    Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 60 W
    Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 84 dB
    Frequency range 150 - 20000 Hz
    Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 100 W
    Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
    Acoustic principle 2-way-system
    Enclosure type Closed
Decoderstation 5 Set

Decoderstation 5

Control device for active 5.1 multimedia speaker sets. Integrated Dolby/dts decoder, inputs for eight devices, remote control

  • Description Item
    Width 23,5 cm
    Height 5,5 cm
    Depth 13,5 cm
    Weight 1 kg
  • Description Item
    RCA input stereo 3
    Digital inputs coaxial 2
    Digital inputs optical 1
    RCA input 5.1 1
  • Description Item
    Dolby Digital Yes
    DTS Digital Surround Yes
    Dolby Pro Logic Yes
  • Description Item
    Integrated DSP Yes
    Display Yes
    Integrated DD/dts/PLII-Decoder Yes
  • Description Item
    Remote control Infrared

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Included components

Concept E 400 Digital
  • 1 × 30m Speaker Cable 1.0mm² - C1030S – Black
  • 1 × Concept E 400 – Black
    • 5 × Table Stand CE 20 TP – silver
    • 1 × Table Stand CE 10 TP – silver
    • 1 × 5.1 Subwoofer CE 400 SW – Black
    • 5 × Satellite Speaker CE 20 FCR – Black
  • 1 × Decoderstation 5 – Black
    • 1 × Decoderstation 5 Box – Black
    • 1 × Remote Control for Decoderstation 5 RC – Black
  • 3 × RCA-Cable 3.0 m C7030A – Black