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Our management

Sascha Mallah
Sascha Mallah (Chief Executive Officer)
Sascha Mallah was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Teufel Audio in August 2016. Mr. Mallah has worked with Teufel since 2013, when he took the role of Director of Marketing and Sales. During this time, he successfully expanded the sales and marketing department and was instrumental in driving Teufel's brand development. He created the first tangible point of contact for Teufel fans with the Berlin flagship store.

Mr. Mallah brings many years of sales, marketing and HIFI experience to Teufel from his previous professional positions, which include MD for UK and Ireland at Harman.

Orsolya Zimanyi (Chief Financial Officer)
Orsolya Zimanyi joined the company in 2024 as Chief Financial Officer and took over management of the Finance, Accounting and Controlling departments. Ms. Zimanyi began her career at a Big 4 company where she gathered valuable experience in auditing, transaction support and IPO related projects. After 6 years of consulting, she switched to the corporate side and supported different Berlin-based companies in the advertising and e-commerce industries as a CFO.

Rob Peters
Rob Peters (Chief Revenue Officer)
In September 2016, Rob Peters took on the role as Director of Sales and Marketing. He is also responsible for Web-IT, Customer Service and Teufel's retail activities. Mr. Peters was previously responsible for Online Marketing. Mr. Peters has played a major role in Teufel's rapid growth and success since 2011.

Simon Schießl
Simon Schießl (Chief Technical Innovation Officer)
Simon Schießl joined Teufel in 2008 and has been responsible for the Electronics department with great success ever since. In September 2016, Mr. Schießl also took over the roles of Innovation Management, Pre-Development, Development & Design and joined our team of directors.

Carsten Lentz
Carsten Lentz (Chief Supply Chain Officer)
Carsten Lentz has been with Teufel since 2013 and was initially responsible for the Quality department. Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics and Facility Management were added to his responsibilities in 2016. Mr. Lentz has 20 years of experience in the industry and has previously worked with Freecom, Mitsubishi and Deutsche Post.

Marcus Lindemann
Dr. Marcus Lindemann (Chief Information Officer)
Having worked for Teufel since 2011, Marcus Lindemann has also been part of the management team since 2020. As a qualified industrial engineer, he is responsible for Corporate IT and Fulfilment. Previously, as Head of Corporate IT, he was responsible for the expansion and professionalisation of the IT areas of infrastructure, operations and security as well as the operation and further development of the ERP system in a direct reporting line to the Management Board and drove the development of the Data Engineering area.