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Motiv 2

Designer 2.1 Hifi stereo sound for your PC with remote control

Color: white

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Motiv 2 Weiß

Key advantages at a glance

  • Absolute peak quality PC stereo sound
  • Balanced, natural sound from any computer
  • 250 watt subwoofer with a 250 mm bass driver
  • 2 two-way satellite speakers with solid components
  • Remote control and audio inputs for 3 devices, i.e. an iPod
  • Recommended for spaces up to 25 sqm.

When your PC becomes your jukebox, it's time to put aside the compromises. Motiv 2 is a 2.1 designer loudspeaker system which you can be equally comfortable placing on your computer desk or in your living room.

The satellites
Motiv® 2's two satellite speakers incorporate HiFi components of the material quality found in many dedicated stereo systems. Their configuration of a 100 mm mid-range driver and a 25 mm tweeter is perfectly suited to fit their moulded softline enclosures.

The subwoofer
An amplifier integrated directly into the system's cube-shaped subwoofer reserves 100 watts RMS for a 250 mm bass driver, while each satellite is powered by 30 watts of RMS output. This sheer amount of power makes for a high, consistent maximum volume, and a wide dynamic range which renders lifelike music playback.

Plenty of connectors
In addition to a wireless remote control, Motiv® 2 has three additional inputs for connection to PCs, iPod docks or other stereo sources ranging from TVs to DJ mixers.

The system
Motiv® 2 is perfect for anyone wanting a HiFi stereo system for use with their PC. It's a complete audio solution with a unified and elegant look. Enjoy your favourite music, and also show off the system!

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  • Motiv 2 - A 200/3 SW vorne Weiß

    2.1 Subwoofer A 200/3 SW

    The attractive appearance of this new subwoofer A 200/3 SW from Motiv 2 will appeal to anyone who appreciates beautifully rounded shapes, but its aesthetic aspects are superseded in favour of the impressive bases. A 250mm woofer with new white ZDC concave membrane and perfectly balanced bass reflex balance delivers astonishingly full bass-sounds from the compact, square casing.

    The integrated 3-channel amplifier reserves 100 watt RMS for the bass alone, while both stereo satellites can still be controlled with the ample 30 watt RMS per channel. The set can even temporarily generate up to 250 watts of music power performance. Enough to supply an entire living room of up to 30m2 with superb stereo-sound dynamics.

    • Description Item
      Width 32 cm
      Height 37 cm
      Depth 32 cm
      Weight 11,6 kg
    • Description Item
      Headphone output 3,5mm 1
      Cinch input stereo 1
      3.5mm stereo in 1
      Terminal clamps Screw terminals
    • Description Item
      Power supply voltage 220 - 240 V
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Maximum power consumption 300 W
      Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
      Safety class 2
      Fuse 2 A
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption 0,85 W
      Input gain adjustment Yes
      Level control Yes
      Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 100 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 50 W
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 150 W
      Amplifier configuration 2.1
      Amplifier technology Class AB
      Amplifier channels 3
      Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 30 W
    • Description Item
      Remote control Yes
    • Description Item
      Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 39 Hz
      Banana plug compatible Yes
      Maximum cable diameter 1,5 mm
      Equalization port (position) Bottom
      Cabinet material MDF
      Cabinet surface High-gloss
      Magnetic shielding Yes
      Spikes prepared Yes
      Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
      Woofer (diameter) 250 mm
      Woofer (material) cellulose
      Enclosure type Bass reflex
    Motiv 2 - MO 2 F vorne Weiß

    Satellite Speaker MO 2 F

    The satellites of the Motiv 2 come from the same basic idea as the subwoofer: The finest design meets uncompromising sound. The elaborate chassis equipment with a 25mm fabric dome, paired with a long-stroke 100mm Neodym mid bass made of coated cellulose guarantees unlimited hi-fi music playback.

    We consider the MO 2 F to be one of the best-sounding micro satellite speakers on the market – and even more so in combination with the optimally matched fully active subwoofer A 200/3 SW.

    • Description Item
      Width 12 cm
      Height 18 cm
      Depth 12,5 cm
      Weight 0,74 kg
    • Description Item
      Terminal clamps Gold-plated screw terminals
      Minimum amplifier output power recommended 10 W
    • Description Item
      Banana plug compatible Yes
      Maximum cable diameter 2,5 mm
      Cabinet material ABS plastic
      Cabinet surface Lacquer, high gloss
      Magnetic shielding Yes
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
      Tweeter (diameter) 25 mm
      Tweeter (material) Fabric
      Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
      Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 100 mm
      Bass/Midrange driver (material) cellulose
      Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 70 W
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 87 dB
      Frequency range 120 - 22000 Hz
      Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 100 W
      Maximum sound pressure level 99 dB/1m
      Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
      Acoustic principle 2-way-system
      Enclosure type Closed

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Included components

Motiv 2
  • 1 × Remote Control MO 2 RC – white
  • 1 × 2.1 Subwoofer A 200/3 SW – white
  • 2 × Satellite Speaker MO 2 F – white