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Wall speakers

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All wall-speakers products: 13 Results
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All wall-speakers products: 13 Results


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Buyer's guide & tips

Wall speakers: what are the advantages?

Placing speakers on the wall has many advantages to for surround sound sets, and in some cases is required. Thanks to wall speakers a real and fuller sound can be achieved. One of the many advantages is that due to their positioning, wall speakers are not affected by plants or furniture placed around your home. Also sound loss caused by different surface types is not an issue.

Wall speakers for the real home cinema effect

Certain Teufel Effekt loudspeakers preform at their best when attached to a wall. This also includes Dipole loudspeakers, which can create sound reflections on the walls. Also, it makes sense attaching rear speakers to the wall, as to avoid direct sound paths in your hearing range. Rear speakers should also be less dominant than other speakers.

Loudspeakers that should be hung on walls, are usually compacter, lighter, and have a discreet design. Therefore ideal wall speakers have integrated wall mounts.

In the best case the speakers come with wall mounts or design to support them.

Also, for the cabling a deepened port terminal makes more sense, so that installations can be made directly against the wall. For active loudspeakers you need to remember to have a plug socket near. In the best case the plug and socket are directly behind the speakers for a tidier installation.

What sound systems are designed to include wall speakers?

Regardless whether it’s a stereo system, WIFI streaming system, soundbar or home cinema system – each system can be equipped with wall speakers, either partially or fully.

  • Stereo systems with two compacted speakers: frequently found in the bookshelf loudspeaker category, offer all the fundamentals for wall mounting. Both speakers should be installed at the exact same height and same distance from the hearing position.
  • WIFI streaming systems: this has much the same requirements as the Stereo systems, but you need to pay attention to the power supply and the signal strength.
  • Soundbar: Even a soundbar can be used as a mounted speaker on your wall. Just pay attention to the max weight of the wall mount. Soundbars can be heavier than normal wall speakers.
  • Home cinema: But the centre loudspeakers and Effekt loudspeakers really are well designed to be wall speakers. The benefit fort he home cinema experience is their light weight.

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