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All internetradio-wlan products: 25 Results
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Product listing

All internetradio-wlan products: 25 Results


Your Teufel Advantages

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The best price

At Teufel we sell our products directly. With no middleman, there are no extra costs meaning you save money.

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The best guarantee

Teufel stands for quality, quality and again quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and 8 weeks free and easy returns.

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Teufel regularly occupies the top positions in tests and reader surveys and is the home cinema market leader in Germany.

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The Teufel online shop wins over even the toughest testers in terms of user guidance, security and comfort.

Tips & advice

Radio 2.0

Over 100 years ago - on Christmas Day 1906 - the first radio show was broadcast in Massachusetts. Since then, radio has become one of the largest information and entertainment platforms worldwide. Besides television, print media and the Internet, it still enjoys great popularity. The reasons are obvious: besides getting news from all over the world, you can also access almost non-stop music transmissions. Frequently, reception is still analogue and terrestrial. But with Internet radio, e.g. transmitted via Wi-Fi, the quality can be immensely increased.

Internet radio offers many advantages. The conventional, interference-prone signal paths - longwave (LW), medium wave (MW), short wave and ultra-short wave (FM) - are no longer required, meaning that you can receive worldwide radio broadcasts in top quality. Teufel offers you high-quality radio solutions via the online shop, allowing you to enjoy Internet radio with the highest sound quality, at the best price.

Radio is good - Internet radio is better

Teufel has created a way to enjoy music via audio streaming. This also enables Hi-Fi Internet radio via Wi-Fi. Connected to the Internet, you have the choice of thousands and thousands of radio stations that broadcast their complete programmes online. But that's not all: you can also choose from countless categories ("rock", "electro" or "folk") to listen to your favourite music style for as long as you like.

To receive Internet radio over your Wi-Fi with Teufel Internet radio, all you need is the Raumfeld connector. Raumfeld Connector to make your stereo system Internet-enabled. Connect this Wi-Fi network player to your router and the system - and off you go. It also allows you to stream your entire digital music collection wirelessly. The whole system can be controlled with the free Teufel Raumfeld app.

If you are looking for a new sound system that receives Internet radio, Teufel Streaming speakers are just right. These Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers to have integrated amplifier!

Teufel speakers: goodbye FM, Hello Internet radio

For example, Teufel One M offers a perfect streaming solution. Great design, the best sound, and simple operation. Simply connect to your home Wi-Fi network and operate via the app. The Stereo M bookshelf speakers also offer the best Hi-Fi stereo sound when streaming audio via the Internet. Perfect reception and perfect sound - the future of radio is here.

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