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Optimal sound in your home

2.1 home cinema

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2.1 home cinema setup tips

A 2.1.home cinema consists of either two speakers or a soundbar and a subwoofer. For systems with 2 speakers, one speaker is placed on the right, the other on the left and the bass speaker in the middle near the left or right speaker, if there is enough space. In 2.1 systems consisting of a soundbar and subwoofer, the soundbar is placed in the middle directly below or above the TV, the subwoofer at best at ground level directly below. For those who prefer it unobtrusive and discreet, a 2.1 home cinema can also be built from compact or microsatellites, which can be positioned either next to the monitor of the computer, the TV set or in a wall unit or shelf. The counterpart to this setup is large columns.

Conclusion: With a 2.1 home cinema system you can turn cosy film evenings into a real cinematic experience. With our endless range of accessories, you can easily connect your system to the wall (per wall mount) or use a speaker stand – whatever you want, we can make it possible

2.1 home cinema tips & advice

For anyone who wants to create an authentic cinema atmosphere in their own living room, we have developed perfectly tuned speaker sets. We recommend the 2.1 home cinema sets from Teufel , sets consisting of two speakers and a subwoofer, to all fans of stereo sound. One speaker sits on the right, the other on the left and the bass cabinet sits in the middle if there is enough space. Experience optimal stereo sound on your PC with Teufel’s 2.1 home cinema systems. The subwoofer produces the low-frequency signals and the satellite speakers take care of the rest of the frequency spectrum. A precisely tuned transition area ensures a homogeneous sound image for film sound, games and music. The speaker sets have a linear and balanced frequency response and are universally compatible.

2.1 home cinema systems do not just provide crystal clear and rich for films and TV, but also your favourite games and music CDs. The 2.1 home cinema experience brings perfect picture and optimum sound into your living room for all formats from Blu-ray, DVD or mpg or avi on your computer. Thanks to optimal sound coordination of the individual drivers, such as woofers, tweeters and mid-range speakers, you always enjoy the best possible sound - for film sound, games and music.

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