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599,98 419,99 Incl. VAT 29% savings
Color: Sand White / Pearl White
Lowest price in the last 30 days: 419,99
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Free headphones*
Teufel MOVE worth 29,99 €
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Only until 12.12.22. Extra discount: Pay in advance and save 1% of the product price.

Only until 12.12.22.
Extra discount: Pay in advance and save 1% of the product price.

  • 8 week trial
  • Directly from manufacturer
  • Free & easy returns


Why we love this product

The bundle of BOOMSTER and REAL BLUE NC gives you your favourite sound wherever you are. Whether on the road, in the home office or in the evening while watching series or listening to music. One sounds better than the other and vice versa. Save money compared to buying them individually.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Bundle of BOOMSTER stereo Bluetooth DAB+/FM sound system and REAL BLUE NC over-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancelling
  • BOOMSTER offers Bluetooth 5 with apt-X® for wireless streaming of music in CD quality via Spotify & Co.
  • Integrated DAB+ and FM RDS radio tuner with automatic station search, high-capacity & fast-charging lithium-ion battery plays up to 18 hours at medium volume
  • Robust, rugged housing with IPX5 certified protection against water jets
  • REAL BLUE NC offers digital, hybrid Active Noise Cancelling for highly efficient noise cancellation, ideal for train, plane or office, ANC can be switched off, runtimes of over 55 hours without ANC, over 41 hours with ANC
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with apt-X® and AAC for music streaming in CD-like quality from Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music and co., video sound is transmitted lip-synchronously
  • Transparency mode selectable for enhanced perception of external noise, ShareMe function: connect two headphones wirelessly to one smartphone

Your music. Your sound. Your BOOMSTER.

Whether you're chilling at home with friends, partying in the park or getting into the groove for the next concert - the BOOMSTER is always ready to provide you with powerful sound both indoors and outdoors and is a reliable companion on every adventure.

This sound is yours

The new BOOMSTER has also been rethought acoustically. Of course, this was done to significantly improve the sound, but also to improve flexibility. The certified protection of the sound system against water was only made possible by the implementation of a closed casing, which also brings acoustic advantages.

Robust closed casing offers outdoor protection against water jets according to IPX5 and easily absorbs shocks and impacts.
Class D amplifier for clear sound with sustainable energy management.
Easy to read from every direction, even during the day.
Passive diaphragm for tuned bass.
Midrange driver for best speech intelligibility and warm mids.
Frontfire subwoofer for a precise bass foundation: the bass can be individually adjusted in several stages.
Tweeter for nuanced sound resolution.

Big stereo stage thanks to Dynamore

Thanks to our Dynamore technology developed here in Berlin, the BOOMSTER creates a virtual stereo stage that grows beyond its dimensions. Perfect for MC battles wherever they might take place.

Big FM. Big DAB. Radio with Flow.

The BOOMSTER offers you a wide selection of radio stations. Either digitally via DAB+ or via FM. You can also play internet radio or podcasts from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Internet radio via Bluetooth

Receive any radio station on your smartphone and play it on RADIO ONE via Bluetooth.

Digital radio for best reception quality. Additional information is shown on the display.


Digital radio for best reception quality. Additional information is shown on the display.

Classic FM radio reception.

FM Radio

Classic FM radio reception.

Icon - Antenne

Telescopic antenna

The antenna ensures the best possible reception and stable connection.

Wireless sound at its best

Our products guarantee a clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption. Ranges of over 10 metres can be achieved.

Funktioniert für Systeme mit Android.

Stream music, film sound or games from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac.
Enjoy the best sound whatever way you like to.

On the lips sound

Sound from movies, YouTube or other apps and games is transmitted smoothly and lip-synchronized - without any delay.

Bluetooth aptX

Qualcomm aptX

Bluetooth guarantees a wireless connection with minimal power consumption. Video sound is transmitted in-sync with on-screen images. The aptX codec offers almost CD quality. AptX does not currently work on iOS systems.

Bluetooth Multipoint

Connect two smartphones to the sound system at the same time and then play songs alternately without interruption.

Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo

Pair two sound systems via Bluetooth TWS Option with your smartphone, split the stereo channels left and right and experience double powerful sound in stereo.

Ready to play, even in the bathroom

For the first time in the evolution of the BOOMSTER, this new edition offers certified protection against water jets according to the IPX5 standard. Equipped like this, nothing can stop the BOOMSTER from playing - not the bathroom and certainly not rainy days.

Feel the freedom

The way to operate the BOOMSTER has also been updated. The rubberised control panel with its integrated, intuitive buttons, which also provide haptic feedback, is completely new. The unit can also be conveniently controlled from the couch via remote control.

Party all night long

The BOOMSTER comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that can power your party for up to 18 hours (at medium volume), lasting over eight hours longer than its predecessor. A completely empty battery is half-charged in 70 minutes and fully charged in 165 minutes via the mains cable once connected.

Choose your BOOMSTER from two stylish colour options, Night Black and Sand White, or opt for the Kelvyn Colt Edition - only while stocks last.

Good sound is REAL.

For years, the predecessor has been one of the Bluetooth headphones with the best sound in its class. The new REAL goes one better. It impresses with even greater impulse fidelity, even straighter frequency response and deeper, dust-dry, precise bass.

Acoustic Tuning Plate
Straightens the frequency response for balanced reproduction.
Aluminium voice coil
Produces high levels with high impulse fidelity and low distortion.
Ventilated back chamber
Unique in this price range. Reduces distortion and resonance for open, precise sound.
Top-class sound transducer
High Definition Linear driver with ultra-light, large cone with low partial vibration. For deep, precise kick bass, smooth mids and silky highs.

Strength lies in tranquillity.

You often don't know how much quiet you need until you've experienced it. The new ANC technology in REAL allows you to do just that.
Whether it's noise on the train, on the plane, in the office or when the children have to be put to bed: From now on, you can significantly reduce noise.

Highlights of the ANC technology in the REAL include:

  • Balanced noise reduction over the entire frequency range
  • low intrinsic noise
  • An efficient process for low power consumption

Important things made audible

But it also works the other way round. The REAL can also amplify sounds. If you need to hear announcements or the person you are talking to, you can activate the transparency mode at the touch of a button. The sound from outside is amplified via the built-in microphones.

AAC is a technology that ensures CD-like quality for audio streams when the sender and receiver device support it. AAC is supported by Chromecast built-in, Android devices, and iOS devices.


AAC is now a widely used Bluetooth codec, similar to Qualcomm's apt-X, which provides CD-like wireless audio transmission, as long as both transmitter and receiver support the codec. AAC is supported by Android but mainly by iOS devices.

Use the joystick to control your music, volume and calls. Your smartphone stays in your pocket.

You can also use ANC when connected with the supplied headphone cable.

The earpads are extremely thick and soft, can be removed and replaced and are also suitable for people who wear glasses.

    Talk to me

    Qualcomm's built-in cVc noise and echo cancellation ensure high-quality voice and phone calls. So you're easy to understand even in noisy environments.

    Hello Jonathan, Moritz turned up the BOOMSTER, but I can still understand you.
    Hey Google! Please turn it down.
    Hey Siri! Start Eli's Surviving Wedding Podcast.

    Teufel Headphones App

    You can download the Teufel Headphones app free of charge with the REAL. You can use it to create an individual sound image via the infinitely adjustable and permanently storable equaliser.

    You can also connect two headphones to a notebook or smartphone with the ShareMe function. Ideal for Netflix for two. With no delay in the feedback, of course.

    For one album after the other

    The REAL has a high-capacity battery and manages its power consumption efficiently.

    Over 55 hours battery life without ANC.

    Over 41 hours battery life with ANC.

    Included components

    • 1 BOOMSTER Sand White
      • 1 BOOMSTER Remote control Black
      • 1 Rubber feet (2 pcs) for BOOMSTER gray
      • 1 power supply incl. power cable for BOOMSTER gray
    • 1 REAL BLUE NC Pearl White
      • 1 REAL BLUE (NC) Cushion (pair) Pearl White
      • 1 REAL BLUE (NC) Cable w. in-line remote Pearl White
      • 1 REAL BLUE (NC) bag Black
      • 1 USB C charging cable REAL BLUE (NC) Black



      Visually, acoustically and technically comprehensively updated successor to the popular stereo Bluetooth DAB+/FM sound system for indoors and outdoors

      • Description Item
        Width 37 cm
        Height 18 cm
        Depth 14,8 cm
        Weight 3,75 kg
      • Description Item
        AUX Yes
        Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
        Bluetooth 5.0 Yes
        Bluetooth aptX Yes
        Bluetooth Multipoint Yes
        Bluetooth TWS Yes
      • Description Item
        Android Yes
        iOS Yes
        Microsoft Yes
      • Description Item
        Display Yes
        Battery life medium volume 18 h
        Akku-Kapazität 7500 mAh
        Battery type Lithium-ion
        Power supply voltage 230 V
        Automatic on/off Yes
        Powerbank Yes
        Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
        Standby-Function Yes
        Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 25 Hz
        Total power output capacity (RMS) 42 W
        Amplifier configuration 2.1
        Amplifier technology Class D
        Amplifier channels 3
      • Description Item
        DAB+ Yes
        FM - UKW Yes
      • Description Item
        Tweeter (number per enclosure) 2
        Tweeter (diameter) 20 mm
        Tweeter (material) Fabric
        Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
        Midrange driver (diameter) 65 mm
        Midrange driver (material) Paper
        Passive membrance (number per enclosure) 2
        Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
        Woofer (diameter) 110 mm
        Woofer (material) Paper
        Frequency range from/to 44 - 20000 Hz
        Acoustic principle 3-way-system
        Enclosure type Closed
        Water jet resistant IPX5 Yes
      • Description Item
        Dynamore® Yes
      • Description Item
        Remote control Infrared


      • Description Item
        Width 14,9 cm
        Weight 280 g
        Height 19,2 cm
        Depth 0,8 cm
      • Description Item
        Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
        Bluetooth 5.0 Yes
        Bluetooth AAC Yes
        Bluetooth aptX Yes
        Speakerphone function Yes
        Qualcomm cVc Yes
        USB C Yes
      • Description Item
        Android Yes
        iOS Yes
        Microsoft Yes
      • Description Item
        Battery life medium volume 55 h
        Akku-Kapazität 700 mAh
        Battery type Lithium-ion
        Noise Cancelling Yes
      • Description Item
        Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 1
        Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 40 mm
        Frequency range from/to 10 - 20000 Hz

    *Please note
    Only one Teufel MOVE per order. A credit transfer or cash payment for the value of the Teufel MOVE is not possible.

    The Teufel MOVE as a free bonus cannot be used in combination with another voucher coupon. Other vouchers are not redeemable if the free Teufel MOVE is part of the purchase.

    This offer is valid for orders placed between 09.12.2022 at 00:00 and 09.12.2022 at 23:59. This offer is valid only as long as Teufel MOVE stocks last.

    On return
    The Teufel MOVE has a normal sale price of € 29.99. This offer is regarded as a unit offer.

    As with all free promotional offers, neither the 12 year warranty nor the 2 year warranty are valid for this product.

    The Teufel MOVE may be delivered separately.