5.1 Decoder Cable Set AC 3015 WS

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5.1 Decoder Cable Set AC 3015 WS

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5.1 PC-Cable-Set C3005S

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Kabel-Set C3005S

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Kabel-Set AC 2015 WS

Key advantages at a glance

  • 5.1 Decoder cable set
  • Use: 5.1 PC speaker set > Decoderstation
  • Signal cable: 3 x Stereo RCA 1.5 meter
  • Speakercable: 1 x 20 meter (0.75 qmm) or 1 x 30 meter (0.75 qmm)

Included components

  • 3× 1,5 m Stereo RCA Cable AC 7015 CA
  • 1× 30 m Speaker Cable AC 1030 CS


  • Stereo-Cinchkabel AC 7015 CA

    1,5 m Stereo RCA Cable AC 7015 CA

    Good value stereo RCA cable for analogue connection of Teufel multimedia sets to signal sources or control units, e.g. DVD players, games consoles, TV sets, DVB-T boxes, video recorders or decoder stations.
    For a 2.1 speaker set you will need one of these cables; for a 5.1 speaker set you will usually need three of these cables.

    Lautsprecherkabel AC 1030 CS

    30 m Speaker Cable AC 1030 CS

    Two-wire standard loudspeaker cable with a larger diameter of 1.5 qmm. This cable is better used than the 0.75 qmm when there are increased demands on playback quality or a bridged length of over 5 meters long. The plus pole is marked.

    These are particularly useful for multimedia systems and price-conscious home cinema sets. Available in two lengths.